Restoring trust, building community |

Restoring trust, building community

Dear Editor:

Private property rights should be protected from government infringement and eminent domain laws. Condemnation should only be used as a last resort, after all negotiations have failed. As an Avon Town Council member, I voted against the condemnation of the private parking that is now the transit center, because I believed Avon did not try to work with the community member who owned the land before pursuing condemnation. Negotiating in good faith is important to building community.

Besides eminent domain, property rights can be reduced by regulations that affect every conceivable aspect of property ownership. For example, local planning and zoning decisions and “over-regulation” can also endanger private property rights. Those methods are not as blatant as condemnation but it still is a “taking.”

Restrictions that limit the ability of property owner to use their land in ways legal at the time they bought their property ” resulting in losses to private property values ” is another form of “taking.” Property owners should be compensated for the value of their property that has been reduced by government regulations.

For example, a person who buys a 350-acre parcel that is zoned to have one house per 35 acres should not be forced to down-zone from 10 to six homes on the site without compensation.

As a leader I will protect your individual rights, including that of private property ownership.

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Debbie Buckley


candidate for Eagle County Commissioner