Restoring equilibrium |

Restoring equilibrium

At this stage of the game, I choose to take stock of the grand scheme of things in a rather generalized fashion. But in the more particular view, I home in on my recent mini-battle with Jonathan Rice about the viability of gay power as an emerging force here in Camelot Lost. That would be Aspen, Dorothy.

After Jonathan dealt me the bigot card, I objected. He answered – in a manner of speaking – that indeed, when you hold all the cards, you can deal any card you so desire. All I saw was the joker running wild.

Within this area, there are a few free-thinking souls, and I number myself among them. I find it comical that in such a liberal enclave as Aspen, I’m often branded as a bigot because I question the two sacred cows we have grazing in our back yard here. Dare I mention the expanding gay power agenda and the illegal aliens who are also shielded (we make baby, you pay for baby)?

In the end, I believe that the doctrine of political correctness is going to hamstring this town. And as for Jonathan, there is a job available for him as a floorsweeper at Piltco Headquarters (A crow should not seek to soar with eagles).

This is only possible because that cosmic pumpkin, Hinton, failed to report for duty. I will now sign off with a sense of certainty, which is almost overwhelming, that I’ve restored the sense of equilibrium to the opinion sector of the printed page.

Pete Luhn


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