Restore democracy " impeach Ireland |

Restore democracy " impeach Ireland

Dear Editor:

Lost in the headlines last week that the so-called City Council had postponed any decision on the Cooper Street Pier building until a later date was the decision of the council to expand the paid parking area of Aspen.

This decision comes after a survey taken with more than 80 percent of the respondents stating that this expansion would not be good for their business, employees or their customers and would not increase the use of alternative transportation. It has become increasingly evident that Premier Ireland and his socialist central committee have no regard for the few small-business owners they claim to be so ardently in favor of and use at every opportunity as an excuse when opposing growth and revitalization in Aspen. Why in the world, when armed with the results of the above mentioned survey, would the council make this change? They certainly don’t have the opinions or the best interests of its citizens at heart.

Many in this valley have accused George W. Bush and the Republican Party of taking away many civil liberties through the Patriot Act, and have called for W’s impeachment. When are the citizens of Aspen going to wake up and see Premier Mick and his government for what it is ” a true loss of democracy?

The “impeachment” of Mick Ireland would be a fantastic place to start in an effort to restore democracy in Aspen.

John Ward


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