Responding to St. Roger |

Responding to St. Roger

Dear Editor: Roger Marolt instead should have titled his pretentious, oh-so self-indulgent piece, “Praise, benediction, adoration and love for me, Saint Roger the Compassionate.”St. Roger wrote, “I don’t pretend to have answers in this debate. I do know what is missing from it, though: compassion.” Translation: St. Roger pals around with God – he walks with me and he talks with me – and St. Roger says his celestial buddy agrees that the 75 percent of the American people – across racial, ethnic and class lines – who want an immediate halt to illegal immigration are just so many “people with evil in their hearts and malice on their minds.” St. Roger rhetorically asked if bringing control to our lawless borders would bring us more security and safety. Yes, it would. Last year, in a three-month period, the U.S. Border Patrol intercepted 33,000 convicted criminals illegally coming into country. Included were murderers, agents of international crime organizations, child molesters, sex slavers and rapists. Convicted criminals! By the Border Patrol’s own reckoning, it intercepts one in four illegal crossers. That means, all things being equal, 99,000 convicted criminals successfully got in. In Los Angeles County, the epicenter of illegal alienage, 95 percent of the fugitive homicide warrants (1,200-1,500) are for illegal alien suspects. Our lawless borders account for the fact that we now have in the U.S. a standing army of 850,000 gang members – thugs, punks and gangsters – entrenching themselves in our cities and towns, with illegals swelling the ranks of the murderous MS-13, Sureños Treces, the 18th Street Gang, the Mexican Mafia, the Russian Mafia and others.With tortured facts and tortuous reasoning, St. Roger astonishingly concluded that it’s right to royally screw legal farm workers by having them compete with a flood of illegals who drive down wages, benefits and conditions. What do you suppose St. Roger knows that the late union organizer Cesar Chavez didn’t? Chavez knew his fledging farm workers’ union didn’t stand a chance without workplace enforcement. Indeed, there was no more aggressive enemy of illegal immigration than Chavez, so much so that he even offered his union members to the Border Patrol as backup. But the U.S. government, applying St. Roger’s definition of “compassion,” compassionately took the side of the felonious growers and abandoned enforcement in the fields, dooming the union. If Chavez were here today, he might just give St. Roger a well-earned, compassionate knee in the basket. With strained Cartesian logic marked by existential desperation, St. Roger seems to be saying, “I slander, I project, I self-indulge, I hang out with God (talk about name-dropping!), therefore I am.” Ecce homo! To truly validate his own smug existence, St. Roger would do better to march himself in front of his bathroom mirror and, Stuart Smalley-like, repeat over and over until he gets it: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, I can think of myself as compassionate without doing so at the expense of good people, the country or by vicariously mooching into God’s exclusive domain.”Mike McGarryAspen

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