Respect contributions, but don’t replace history |

Respect contributions, but don’t replace history

Dear Editor:

The mining towns of Colorado all showed a certain charm of natural splendor and bygone hellmaking until the Paepckes chose Aspen as the site of a remarkable intellectual and social undertaking.

Their financial support ” like most of ours ” was nothing compared to their vision and inspirational courage. The story is too-well told to bear repeating here. But, how many leaders of social progress, how many artists of hope and insight, how many scholars of discovery have passed through Aspen to build their intellectual growth and their own courage to explore.

To rename the Paepcke Auditorium ” the most frequently mentioned remembrance of that family ” would be an insult to everyone who has come this way and “drunk from the cup” that is remarkable Aspen.

Newer contributions made in other forms deserve our warmest gratitude and appropriate recognition ” but not at the cost of replacing Aspen’s history.

Tom and Noel Congdon


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