Resolutions for 2003 |

Resolutions for 2003

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Here are some potential resolutions for skiers and snowboarders in Aspen/Snowmass:

I resolve to walk up to the top of Highland Bowl at least twice a week.

I resolve to learn to snowboard, if only so I can say I tried it and then went back to skiing.

I resolve to learn to ski, if only so I can say it’s cool, but not as cool as snowboarding.

I resolve to get down S1 on Aspen Mountain without stopping until I get to Spar.

I resolve to never miss being in line early anytime it snows more than 4 inches.

I resolve to drop off a case of beer for the ski patrol on my favorite mountain at least once per season.

I resolve to try and not feel like a wuss for skiing on boards shorter than 180 cm.

I resolve to do more than think about stretching each morning.

I resolve to call the very first person I really had fun skiing/riding with in Aspen/Snowmass and invite them out for a day on the mountain.

I resolve to take at least one backcountry avalanche class this season so I can at least rationally discuss the out-of-bounds situation with my friends while standing at the backcountry gate.

I resolve to get a new ski jacket and find a helmet that won’t make me look like such a dork.

I resolve to go helicopter skiing no later than next season.

I resolve to go on at least two hut trips this winter.

I resolve to ski Snowbird the last week of April and Mammoth the last week of May.

I resolve to tune my skis and snowboard more than twice during the season.

I resolve to not snicker at people whose outfits are perfectly color coordinated, especially if they are yellow.

I resolve to let others join me in the gondola anytime they would like. (OK, OK, I resolve to let some people join me sometimes.)

I resolve to take at least one ski or snowboarding lesson this season, despite my belief in my godlike abilities and perfect form.

I resolve not to try and work a deal on new skis and boots from my good buddies at the shop during Christmas week.

I resolve, next season, to buy my ski pass more than two days before the season opens.

I resolve, somehow, to never pay for another season pass.

I resolve to ride the Bell Chair.

I resolve to say thank you to the lift operator.

I resolve to learn more about the geography of Down Under.

I resolve to get an I-pod and some headphones and not stop skiing until the songs run out.

I resolve to stop referring to the skiing here as “High Desert Skiing.”

And I resolve get out early on New Year’s day, no matter the clanging in my head.

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