Resnicks should raise their moral standards |

Resnicks should raise their moral standards

Regarding the Resnicks’ lawsuit to stop construction of the [Stillwater] affordable housing project:

Shouldn’t they pay for the additional costs incurred, if and when the project is finally started and completed? After all, the county is simply trying to house about 30 or 40 worker bees in about 24,000 square feet, a half-mile away from where the Resnicks live part of the year and employ 30 or 40 worker bees in their 18,000-square-foot mansion.

Linda and Stewart, listen to what our president is preaching to us about corporate executives raising their dubious moral standards.

While we’re at it: “Kenny Boy,” if you are reading this, please don’t tip me $20 of dirty money when you pick up your to-go dinner from one of my jobs – send it back to the people you stole it from.

Manuel Gonzalez

Difficult Meadows

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