Residents left in the dark about gunman |

Residents left in the dark about gunman

Dear Editor:

I am writing in regard to the recent drama on Owl Creek Road with the infamous gunman.

I just want the Pitkin County cops to know that next time there is a potentially dangerous situation in a neighborhood, they should alert the residents in the area, be it a reverse-911 call or whatever, as we live on the road and had no idea what was going on.

My husband and the people we caretake for drove to town that Tuesday morning to later read in the paper that the gunman threatened to shoot any car that drove by, and we could have been one of them.

Please take this into consideration next time, as we feel the situation wasn’t handled properly when it came to informing the public and nearby neighbors and homeowners. Furthermore, we were not allowed back to our homes until the situation was over, which was very frustrating. Thanks for listening.

Erica Brager


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