Rescued and appreciative |

Rescued and appreciative

Dear Editor:Last week I had an unfortunate and very frightening experience, becoming lost in Willow Creek Basin after venturing off the trail along the Hanging Valley Headwall at Snowmass. I inadvertently traveled out of bounds and didn’t realize I couldn’t get back until it was too late.After hours of hiking and sundown approaching, I decided to stop and set up camp. I never expected to be found, but when I saw the headlamps in the distance and the bright-red jackets, I knew I’d be sleeping in my own bed that night!I cannot express how deeply grateful I am to the Skico, Mountain Rescue, and the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Department for their efforts to find me. From the moment I was located, it was apparent the amount of dedication, knowledge, skill and intuition required to perform their job. This was an immediate comfort to me.I was also surprised to learn that Mountain Rescue is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers. Their commitment and compassion is truly admirable, and I appreciate it tremendously. I wrote this letter not only to thank everyone involved in the search, but also to let the public know what an invaluable service all parties provide. Thank you, once again, and keep it up!J. CervantesAspen

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