Repulsive! |


Kelley Flock

Dear Editor:What a repulsive pro-fur article in the Times Weekly (Feb. 5) – written by someone I cannot imagine would be caught dead wearing fur – even for Halloween. There are myriad reasons not to buy or wear fur … never mind that it screams tacky with no sense of style and looks like a gorilla suit! (The accompanying photos were proof.) I have never seen a full-time local wearing fur – or doesn’t mock of someone wearing it. Here’s what it says about a person: I have no regard for the way living things are treated … never mind taste.Dominion over the animal kingdom does not mean we have the right to abuse and torture animals as we see fit. You “dominion people” – read the Bible more closely and you’ll see the little blurb under “humankind will have dominion over the animal kingdom.” Perhaps watch a video – I dare you to challenge your perspective – you won’t be the same person after watching it. Or you can choose to live in the dark. But don’t expect people not to at least snicker when they see you in that ridiculous statement you think is fashionable. You wouldn’t wear your dog, but in China, it’s perfectly legal to kill dogs and cats – what we consider pets – for their coats (P.S. Then it gets shipped off to the United States as “fur trim.”). I find it ironic that the owners of the fur shop that were interviewed own a gorgeous chocolate lab that would be skinned alive for his coat in China without a second thought.Ms. Thalberg has barely gone and you write this crap? Kelley FlockAspen