Republican signs trashed in Eagle County |

Republican signs trashed in Eagle County

Randy Wyrick

Arsonists burned a Republican presidential campaign sign and vandals tore down four others in Eagle County.Randy Milhoan and Henri Stone, local officials in President Bush’s campaign, said Bush officials gave them five “Bush 2004″ highway signs that were 4 feet by 8 feet. All were placed on private property, with the owners’ permission, they said. Within hours all were torn down or vandalized and one along Interstate 70 in Wolcott was burned.”This is the same mindset as cross burning in the South,” said Stone.Highway signs for Republican Senate candidate Pete Coors were also torn down twice at the Avon exit, Stone said.None of John Kerry’s or Ken Salazar’s signs, both Democrats, were touched, said Stone.”Democracy cannot work with Chicago mafia- and Hitler-style brown shirts destroying property,” said StoneShe said they replaced the Avon signs three times in two days. She said the Wolcott “Bush 2004″ sign is burned beyond repair.The Avon signs are located at the William Post exit off I-70. The Wolcott sign is on the south side of I-70.”The senior citizens in this community are afraid to put Bush-Cheney stickers on their cars for fear of violence against their vehicles or themselves,” said Stone. “Many of them are older ladies who live alone. I thought this was silly until I saw the burned sign in Wolcott. I took that seriously. It is more than mere vandalism. Take a look. It will make you think seriously about what the Democratic Party in Eagle County is up to.”