Republican leaders reach out to valley |

Republican leaders reach out to valley

Dear Editor:

To the Republican governors who came to Basalt, thank you.

I’m not sure if you’ve been briefed on the demographics and economic status of our fair valley (and including down to Rifle). We have had an extremely rough ride the past four years since the fall of the real estate market, on which our area is so heavily dependent. My husband and I are real estate appraisers – yes, small business owners — here in the valley and our fingers are on the pulse as we’ve seen the bleeding of locals fortunes being drained out with no solution.

From Madoff (upvalley) to oil and gas regulations (downvalley), when the trouble hit, it hit very hard. You wouldn’t know this unless you sat down with a local for awhile.

Your visit to our little, rural, “who-cares-about-our-opinions?” town today (Thursday), was not only inspiring (even for those of us who were left outside to listen via remote speaker, whilst gazing on our mountains), but I think gave us all hope that there are some leaders out there who really do “get it.”

You “get it” that people who are trying so hard to keep their lives together and their roof over their head – but they can’t get a simple refinance at a lower rate to enable them to meet their financial obligations and stay in their home. Most of us think that it would be logical for regulators and banks to enable this to happen, after all, do the banks really want to own that much inventory? It is so simple … alas, we’ve all heard that common sense just isn’t so common these days.

You “get it” that behind every government regulation (small business, oil and gas, EPA, etc.) is a community that is dependent upon that industry and the jobs that are being created. And a nation that is dependent upon maintaining a free market in order to be prosper and be economically and energy independent.

You “get it” that we are burdened by the sub-standard education that our children are receiving, even in this era of high tax burden “for the sake of the children.” We pay property taxes for a public education system, and then hear how poor and ill-prepared our children are. Oh, let’s not open the Pandora’s box of the cost of higher education, and our twenty-somethings still can’t find a job!

You “get it” that we’ve had to tighten our belts, and are fearful of the way government is spending. Especially when we hear about the luxuries that officials partake in at our expense, we know we’ve just been slapped in the face and mocked – again.

Governors, today we got to see friends/clients who are going through exasperating financial woes just trying to deal with a lender who will help them get their rate down a little, or who have struggled the last four years to stay in business – not looking for handouts.

Thank you for coming here, to hard-working America!

Susan Ebert-Stone

Glenwood Springs

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