Republican caucuses are tonight |

Republican caucuses are tonight

Aspen Times Staff Report

The Pitkin County Republicans will hold precinct caucus meetings tonight at 7 p.m.The caucuses enable registered voters to address issues that may be later brought to the party’s national conventions.During tonight’s meetings, citizens will discuss issues, elect delegates, and vote on issues that the participants would like to see addressed at higher levels of party governance.Pitkin County is divided into 16 precincts, and each will hold a Republican Party caucus tonight. They will take place at the following locations:Precinct 1: Chaired by Terry Butler (925-6562), at The Residence, 305 S. Galena. Precinct 2: Chaired by Sharon Tinnes (925-5426), at 1050 Matchless Drive, #1. Precinct 3: Chaired by Billie Pierce (925-3408), at The Residence. Precinct 4: Chaired by JoAnn Hall (925-2810), at River Bluff Townhomes #11, 115 Lone Pine Road.Precinct 5: Chaired by Liz Barbatelli (925-1629), at 1362 Snowbunny Lane. Precinct 6: Chaired by Luky Seymour (925-6129), at 132 Placer Lane. Precinct 7: Chaired by Peter Nicklin (925-5458), at 323 North Fifth Street. Precinct 8: Chaired by David Gibson (923-2642), at 773 Medicine Bow Road.Precinct 9: Chaired by Pam Phillips (544-9484), at 781 Meadowood Drive. Precinct 10: Chaired by Dylan Gibson (925-6565), at 5115 Owl Creek Road, #2. Precinct 11: Chaired by Judi & Bill Burwell (923-8201), at 383 Sinclair Road. Precinct 12: Chaired by Walt Wieben (927-3496), at 4725 Capitol Creek Road.Precinct 13: Chaired by Mike Ferguson (963-9897), at Crystal Club Cafe, 467 Redstone Blvd. Precinct 14: Chaired by Jim Bain (925-5400), at Basalt Library, 99 Midland Ave. Precinct 15: Chaired by Mary Jane Garth (923-2017), at Basalt Library. Precinct 16: Chaired by Betty LaMont (927-4214), at Basalt Library.

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