Reprinting Roger |

Reprinting Roger

Dear Editor:

After reading all the articles in the local and national press about the “totally unexpected” bursting of the real estate speculative bubble now taking place around the nation, and with perhaps just a teeny bit of that taking place in our own valley, I recalled filing away an opinion piece written a long time ago by your columnist Roger Marolt on this topic.

I surprised myself by finding it, and was doubly surprised to see that it was written less than a year ago ” Friday, March 23, 2007. Titled, “Don’t ski the Bumps ” Speculate the Bubble.”

It’s so timely I think it merits being reprinted by you. More than a few of your readers throughout the valley may even wish they had read it last spring. If nothing else, reprinting it will save you the cost of a new article by Roger, and will give him some free time to indulge in the Marolt family addiction … to that white powder stuff, skiing it of course … or can the article be found on your website?

Thank you.

John Callahan Sr.


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