Report was inaccurate

Last week, the Daily News inaccurately reported on the Woody Creek Caucus meeting, at which we were joined by local county staff and commissioners.

The purpose of the meeting was to seek input from the caucus about issues of local concern, and one of the most concerning is the development of the Woody Creek Trailer Park.

The Woody Creek Caucus is involved in the process of the whole design of the park as an advocate for the park residents, and also for the neighbors who are in close proximity. We are not adversaries of the trailer park, as they, too, are active members of our caucus.

At the meeting, we were alarmed to discover that the Housing Board is planning to file a permit for a septic system that has not been reviewed by our residents. The Housing Board has had this process stalled for three full years, allowing the park to operate with a totally inadequate sewage treatment system.

This new, rushed proposal by the Housing Board is a sorry attempt to push through a plan that has not been approved by us, in order to try to make a cut-off deadline by the state. The residents of the park are in jeopardy of being evicted if the Housing Board continues to be stalled.

Woody Creek residents have received no assurances from the Housing Board about the appropriateness of the proposed system. We have a right to know just how efficient, smelly, noisy and obtrusive the system will be before we allow it to be constructed within the park, near the Tavern, and next to other neighbors.

We are very grateful to Commissioners Ireland and Roy for attending our meeting with many county staffers. We found the meeting to be very helpful, and felt that our goals and concerns for Woody Creek were heard, and our process acknowledged.

Michael Owsley

Woody Creek Caucus Chairman