Report confirms prisoner abuse |

Report confirms prisoner abuse

Dear Editor:Re: Neil A. Lewis, “Report discredits FBI claims of abuse at Guantanamo Bay prison,” news story, July 14, page A18.The military report that discredits claims of abuse at Guantanamo ends up proving the very thing it purports to disprove. If Gen. Schmidt thinks he has exonerated the military investigators who have been accused of detainee abuse by telling the Senate Armed Services Committee that they were only using “approved interrogation techniques, like stripping detainees, forcing one to wear women’s lingerie and wiping red ink on a detainee telling him it was menstrual blood,” he is gravely mistaken. One need only go back to Nuremberg to see that following the orders of higher-ups does not excuse behavior that is plainly indecent and obscene.The question then arises: Why was President Clinton held to one standard and our military investigators to another? Could it be that 9/11 has so eviscerated our moral fiber as a nation that now, all of a sudden, the ends do justify the means?Joel BrenceAspen

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