Report card time |

Report card time

Dear Editor:

With the first semester in most schools coming to a close, I thought it might be nice to grade the current City Council on their first six months, which have been interesting to say the least.

For clarity it is important top note that council’s first six months was dominated by historic preservation and emergency Ordinance 30, which by the grace of Mick, council, and God, was revised and became Ordinance 48 on Dec. 10.

Jack Johnson gets a U for unpredictable. Jack should be first commended for the patience he has demonstrated over historic preservation debacle. Dug in, to protect what he believes his contingency elected him to protect, he finally gave in, either because he recognized he was initially wrong, or more likely because he was fed up with the issue.

During the debate, the unpredictable Jack exemplifies the phase “You Don’t Know Jack.”

J.E. DeVilbiss gets a J for being judicial. Although not a judge anymore, sometimes he seems to forget that during meetings, he was “loud and clear” when he stated over and over, he would support Ordinance 30, and proclaimed he was not going to change his mind. That position lasted until he finally changed his mind. Maybe he should get an A/W for admitting he was wrong?

Steve Skadron gets a TP for being thoughtful and polite. While it appears he sometimes has a hard time making up his mind, he is nevertheless always thoughtful, and always very polite. He admits that the issues are often complex, and it takes him time to get up to speed. He is rumored to have suggested an internship program for future council candidates. If that’s true, I’d give him a TP+.

Dwayne Romero gets an S for his Silver Star and silver tongue. The future senator is careful in his representations. He could have received a P for process, his favorite word, but the S seems like a better fit. Like Custer, he has found himself to be alone many times, finding himself at odds with Sitting Mick, and on the receiving end of the now famous Mayoral glare, on more than one occasion. Ouch.

Mayor Mick gets a GCQ. The GC is for golly-gee ” I’ve changed! Mick ran a campaign with the underlying theme he was not the old Mick. He proclaimed his reputation for rudeness, as a county commissioner, was a thing of the past. He was a different man. He had evolved. He even changed his traditional wardrobe during the election to look more mayoral. Hey Mick, where is that sports coat? Hopefully you saved the receipt. In all fairness, Mick never proclaimed he found God. He said he best represented the values of the community, at least the community that gets to vote. Being mayor isn’t easy. As Mick said during the Ordinance 30 public debate, “It’s a two-year term, almost a pro bono, I don’t have to do this again.” Thus the Q, which stands for quote, which rimes with vote, which stand for Mick.

The grades are in. Luckily the SAT’S aren’t for another six months. Plenty of time to brush up on what was said in the last two elections, plenty of time to explain themselves, and plenty of time to work on the proclaimed important issues; affordable housing and traffic. Did anyone say Master Plan when they were running?

Andrew Kole


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