Replying to Mr. Statistics |

Replying to Mr. Statistics

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:I would like to reply to the June 28 letter by Marty Lich, in which he vehemently and disrespectfully disregards previous expositions about the importance of the immigrant workforce for the city of Aspen, based on statistics. As for your blind faith in science and statistics, my old man once taught me an everlasting lesson: If you have your head in the oven and your feet in the freezer, statistics will say the average temperature of your body is normal. Just some facts (by mere observation), Mr. Statistics: Every hotel’s housekeeping crews are 100 percent Latino; 99 percent of the valley’s labor is Latino; 90 percent of the line cooks, dishwashers and preps are Latinos, while 50 percent of the wait staff at any restaurant is non-American.The Skico hires more than 2,000 foreign workers every season. Just to mention a few. Do they live in Aspen? Judging by your statistics, and by simple observation, they don’t. Have you ever taken the bus during peak hours? Of course not; you drive your SUV. Well, most of the people that work hard to keep this town rolling spend three hours a day on the bus. I’m a struggling legal alien. I am far from being retired; I do not own a second home. In fact, I don’t even own one; I drive an ’85 Honda; I do the cleaning at my place; I spend most of my time working in Aspen to cope with the indecent prices I have to pay for everything.I am not allowed to vote, so for once I would like to be taken into consideration in Aspen’s statistics and maybe, one day, someone might think of policies directed to the thousands of us who don’t show up in them. My old man taught me another lesson: There is nothing more offensive than ignorance. Thus, I will save my comments on your shameful closing paragraph.Fernando CanitrotSnowmass

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