Reply to a jaw-dropper |

Reply to a jaw-dropper

Dear Editor:

Sunny Stapelman of Glenwood Springs wrote a letter in the Times (Nov. 19) that made my jaw drop and for the first time I feel compelled to reply to her own ignorance.

I agree, Sunny, it is incredible if you can’t get people to explain to you what “change” they were looking for in voting for Obama … let me try to enlighten you, my little Republican “friend.”

Change? Let’s start with finally paying attention to global warming, allowing people freedom of choice in whom you marry, when to procreate, and if you want to donate stem cells to science.

Change? Anything but the last eight years of a failed, ‘ignorant’ war, wasted money, lost young lives. Anything but the scare tactics and fear that has been used the last many years. (Even by you, Sunny, who predicts “the outcome will not be pretty.”)

Change? How about a party that is all inclusive instead of run by white men in black suits? How about a party that is truly for the country and all the people in it instead of themselves. A party who truly believes in equality and shows it instead of talks about it. I was so struck by the white audience at the Republican convention, compared to the true face of America that is all colors at the Democratic convention. I grew up in a Republican home. I know the racist attitudes behind closed doors. The ones NO ONE will admit to. But the truth is obvious. It’s black and white, shall we say?

What part of the eight Clinton years didn’t you like, Sunny? The peace or the prosperity? George W. squandered everything when he took office. He ruined our reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world, he put us in severe financial straights and our morale is at a low that hasn’t been seen in this country in a long time.

Change! Shame on you, Sunny, for having the audacity and ignorance in bringing up Germany and all but comparing Obama to Hitler and those millions who voted for him as “naive,” “uninformed,” and “unmotivated” just like all those Germans. Lucky for you the constitution allows you to make such outrageous comments in public!

In case you haven’t noticed, the rest of the world was cheering along with all of Obama’s supporter when he won. They see hope and they see change, just like millions of American’s do. I’m proud of the U.S. I’m proud we voted with our hearts and minds and color didn’t enter into it.

You see Sunny, that is just a small sampling of the change those of us who voted for Obama are looking for. Did that help answer your question? I have a feeling a few other readers will be sending their two cents in to help enlighten you as well.

So, I’m sorry if you’re angry, Sunny. You know, it’s not good for your blood pressure and with health cost so high, you may want to take care of that and keep your anger in check. There’s lots more to be angry about, like that fact that the U.S. is ranked 29th in child mortality rates. Cuba, Germany and even the Czech Republic rank higher than we do! As for Obama being President? I think eventually even you may see past his skin color and realize there is a refreshing “change” in the air. It’s name is HOPE.

Sue Considine

Snowmass Village

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