Renew Senior Communities launches webinar series on mental health amid coronavirus isolation |

Renew Senior Communities launches webinar series on mental health amid coronavirus isolation

On Thursday, a new webinar series centered on the intersection of mental health and isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic will kick off virtually.

Hosted by Renew Senior Communities, the senior housing company that manages Renew Roaring Fork in Glenwood Springs, the virtual “Renew Talks Health” series aims to bring together top researchers and highly credentialed experts to discuss the unexpected challenges and tangible solutions around coronavirus isolation and mental health.

“A pandemic overhang sets in and you realize, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re really dealing with some serious mental health issues with people living alone, isolated,” said Lee Tuchfarber, CEO of Renew Senior Communities. “For me, the big idea with this series is the social impact element. … I think there’s a sizable benefit that these talks can create for people.”

Over the past year, Tuchfarber said Renew Senior Communities has hosted a multitude of in-person talks featuring researchers and experts on a plethora of health issues and innovations relevant to seniors, including Alzheimer’s research, the impacts of intergenerational collaboration and benefits of cannabis.

Tuchfarber said he feels facilitating these “Renew Talks Health” discussions not only spread good ideas but also influence further health and science innovation, as some families have ended up contributing to research efforts after attending an event.

“Senior housing is actually at a sort of confluence of so many different areas of science innovation,” Tuchfarber said. “It’s anything but just senior housing, this is about accomplishing bigger goals out there in the world.”

Continuing this mission while also addressing the broad impacts of COVID-19, Tuchfarber said Renew Senior Communities decided to shift its next four talks to a webinar format and focus on a topic pertinent to seniors but relatable to all ages: How the widespread isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic affects mental health and well-being.

The first webinar, titled “How seniors can turn isolation into a positive,” will feature Tuchfarber, Ami Rokach, clinical psychologist, executive editor of the Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, associate professor in psychology at Walden University, York University and the Center for Academic Studies in Israel; and Mimi McFaul, clinical psychologist and deputy director of the University of Colorado’s National Mental Health Innovation Center.

Tuchfarber will interview both clinical psychologists about mental health technology (current and future), as well as opportunities for growth during the COVID-19 crisis. There also will be an audience Q&A.

Locals interested in tuning into Thursday’s webinar at 11 a.m. MST can register at, and a full “Renew Talks” webinar series schedule will be posted on the website soon.