Renew 1A for literacy |

Renew 1A for literacy

Dear Editor:

We would like to offer strong support for the Helping From the Heart Campaign. Pitkin County’s Healthy Community Fund has helped many of our human service agencies and nonprofit organizations, including Reach Out and Read Colorado, provide needed services for our citizens. Funding has also helped many of us to survive local and federal cuts. This continued generosity demonstrates the sense of community that makes the Roaring Fork Valley such a special place to live and work.

Reach Out and Read Colorado is a nonprofit organization that provides services to over 4,300 families in the Valley. At every well-child visit, Reach Out and Read-trained health care providers encourage basic early literacy skills by talking to parents about the value and techniques of reading to their children, and then by giving new books to the children to take home. This unique model makes Reach Out and Read Colorado the only program capable of reaching nearly all low-income children under the age of 6. Sharing books with young children in the years before kindergarten can have a profound impact on their language and brain development, their readiness for school and their long-term commitment to learning. It is known that children who do well in school are less likely to exhibit delinquent behavior during adolescence and are more likely to complete their basic education. Ensuring that our children have a fair chance at success is one of the most important things we can do for our community.

Locally, Reach Out and Read Colorado is partially funded by Pitkin County’s Healthy Community Fund. And, like all of these agencies, we depend upon this funding to continue our work and ensure a better quality of life for our neighbors.

We ask that you please vote yes on 1A in support of renewing the Healthy Community Fund and remember to mail in your ballot by Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Thank you for your support!

Carol Wells-Federman

NW regional coordinator, Reach Out and Read Colorado

Megan Wilson

executive director, Reach Out and Read Colorado

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