Renegade camper a no-show in court |

Renegade camper a no-show in court

Charles AgarAspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN – After she walked out on her February trial for illegal camping on open space, Carol Alexy failed to show up at a pre-sentence hearing Friday and a judge issued a warrant for her arrest.Police are asking for a $1,250 bond, $250 for each of the five counts of illegal camping.Alexy, who is homeless in Aspen, took the spotlight after she was Tasered by an Aspen Police Officer and the ensuing investigation cost the officer her job.Alexy waived her rights to a lawyer at her Feb. 22 trial. But after some courtroom antics – Alexy asked for a Bible to “clear” the room – she then summarily stormed out of the courtroom, declaring the proceeding over “by the power invested in me.”Judge Paul Metzger continued the trial in Alexy’s absence, and a jury of three found her guilty of the five charges.Following the conviction, Deputy District Attorney Tony Hershey asked for an arrest warrant, but because Alexy has a record of showing up for court, Metzger issued a summons for her to appear for the pre-sentencing hearing and investigation.Alexy was served the summons March 1, but failed to show up for her scheduled appearance Friday morning.Hershey said he wants Alexy off the Hunter Creek property where she’s been camping off and on for years despite warnings, citations and then charges that she violated county code.Hershey is frustrated, he said, because after nearly two years of trying to find options for Alexy, she demanded trial and then bolted the proceedings and failed to appear Friday.”When anyone fails to appear, it causes more problems for your case,” Hershey said. Police will serve the warrant and Alexy will be taken into custody. She’ll have to appear before the judge again for advisement and the judge will set a sentencing date, Hershey said.