Remembering Toklat |

Remembering Toklat

Remembering ToklatDear Editor:Speaking with Stuart about the trees and plants on my property. Sitting around the campfire dining on trout, quinoa and Isabelle’s 3-R bars.Watching Allena walk Dexter along River Run. Designing a carved headboard with Eddie Running Wolf. Riding a beautiful wooden rocking horse in the gallery. Listening to the wind chimes and to Trevor speak of our valley. Walking in and learning about the Castle Creek Valley with Bruce Mace. Admiring Ernie’s marble cat, Eddie’s totem, John’s drums, Gerry’s pots. Celebrating Stuart’s life at the Mace hut. Gathering with friends around the swinging dining tables.Dedicating Mace Peak while sitting in a meadow of flowers. Hearing Sue Wall say she has another order for my notecards. Creating a bed made from Stuart’s cherry wood with Kent Mace. Knitting with Isabelle Mace in front of the picture window. Stopping by for a cup of tea after cross-country skiing. Having Lynne and Isabelle nearby. I shall miss you!!Lois Abel Harlamert-TeegardenAspen

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