Remembering the Onion’s touch of class |

Remembering the Onion’s touch of class

To: Editor

From: Jon Busch, Aspen

Re: The Red Onion

John Colson’s article on the history of the Red Onion was inaccurate in an important detail and since history is often based on the latest observation in print, I would like to correct it (“Lasting another 100 years,” Dec. 2). He said, “… the Omnibus Gallery next door … once was an elegant restaurant that operated in conjunction with The Red Onion.” Werner Kuster’s “elegant” restaurant and nightclub was on the west side of the historic bar. The restaurant on the east side was his “family” restaurant. I ate there many times in my early days in Aspen.

Kuster served substantial “meat and potatoes” food there with just a touch of class and a modest price. It was where I first had mashed potatoes with a dash of nutmeg. It was also the only restaurant in town that stayed open through the off-seasons.

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