Remembering Gretl |

Remembering Gretl

I recently read an article by Morten Lund in the December issue of Skiing Heritage about Gretl Uhl and the wonderful food she offered to skiers on the mountain. I would like to offer a personal anecdote.

One winter I was having medical problems and could not eat many foods. I asked Gretl what the ingredients were in some of her soups and other menu items, trying to find something I could eat.

Gretl was curious about my inquiries and asked why I wanted to know. I told her the situation. She said, “Just tell me what you can eat, call me on the mountain on the day you are coming skiing, and I will have something for you. If you don’t see me when you are in the food line, just ask for me.”

So, I would call up the mountain in the morning and when I went in for lunch, Gretl would cook me an omelet or a piece of fish, or maybe she had kept out some broth before adding something I could not eat and she would make me a soup!

In his article, Morten Lund said celebrities and millionaires were among those returning time and again for Gretl’s food. I am neither a millionaire nor a movie star, just an ordinary person. Who, but Gretl, would have gone to all that extra trouble?

It has been 25 years and I never ceased to marvel at the kindness she showed me during her very busy winter season.

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