Remembering George the proper way |

Remembering George the proper way

Dear Editor:

I am a little disappointed in some of the chatter that has been going on regarding Georgie’s condition the night of his accident. George moved to Aspen Nov. 1 and was considered part of the “freshman class,” his first year there. He was a young man who enjoyed life and was looking forward to many good days in his new home. He was happy.

I was out there for three weeks after Georgie disappeared. Along with authorities, family members and friends, I retraced his steps that evening several times. It is known for certain that on Nov. 27 he worked all day on the lifts, from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., a long day. He walked home, showered and met friends. Together they took the 6 p.m. shuttle to Aspen, headed for the Blind Melon concert, a big event with fireworks that drew a huge crowd.

After the concert, the group went to two bars. Georgie had a couple of drinks at the first bar. The group left there and headed to Eric’s. The management at Eric’s clearly remembers Georgie’s party, which was ordering draft beer specials that night. Georgie and his friends stayed a while and had a few laughs and took some photographs, then parted ways. Most of the group headed to other places, but Georgie was going home. It was around 10 p.m. We know from video that George did get on the bus to go home, and that he did get off at the wrong stop.

Did Georgie have a few drinks? Of course he did. He was a young man out having fun with friends, but no one who saw or spoke to him that night said he was drunk. I would like to remind everyone that George was not driving, and that having a few beers is not illegal. It is unfortunate that the media insists on using the term “illegal levels” of alcohol. We lost our Georgie, our son, our brother, our nephew and uncle, in a tragic, horrible accident. That is very clear to those of us who were there and able to see first hand the area where it happened. Second-guessing and speculation will not change that.

Georgie’s family would like everyone to remember him as the beautiful, fun-loving young man that he was.

I wish I could personally thank the many thousands for their kind words, their prayers, and their support during this very, very difficult time. Your thoughtfulness has been a great comfort to us. Our hearts are broken. My mind is still confused; I have cried too many tears.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever.

George Aldrich Sr.

Rhode Island

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