Remembering Dad |

Remembering Dad

Dear Editor:My dad always meant to write a letter to the newspapers about how much he enjoyed Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley whenever he visited and especially the people who lived here.Pasquale Leonardo Rizzuto, 1918-2007, one of the world’s great men, passed away recently. So I will thank you for him. He will be remembered for his profound humor coupled with wisdom and romance. I’m sure he is hanging out with Dean Martin and George Burns. They were so much alike. I suspect they got some of their material from him. My dad was a true everyday entertainer. He brought these things pleasantly to the world and showed how a great day meant bringing a smile to someone’s face with that twinkle in his eyes as you found yourself engaged in his playful ploy.His motto was “Take the big pains lightly and relish the small enjoyments.” He loved the flavor of being Italian (excuse me Dad – Sicilian) and certainly let you know it. He flirted to flatter and women loved him for his exceptional charm, while men enjoyed being upstaged by the master. We acknowledged that we would hang around together in the next place as friends of the same age (young). I am going to have so much fun!So I will see him later and remember that he showed me how “living everyday like your last” means finding a moment to brighten your own and someone’s day with a laugh and a smile and a humorous, eye-catching, profound bit of romantic wisdom. Thanks, Dad, for all of you that is in me, and thanks to all who really get this letter, as he once again enjoys you enjoying him.Peter RizzutoAspen