Remembering Chris |

Remembering Chris

Dear Editor:To all the folks remembering Chris Bove,The articles about Chris only touch on the surface of this amazing soul! As I ponder how I can get back to the Roaring Fork and the times of embracing mutual friends, I feel so many tears welling up. Chris showed a compassion towards people that made others want to delve in and help. My first encounter with Chris was on the back side of Aspen Highlands with a mutual friend, Sammy, whose adaptive recovery shall always be a beam of inspiration for all that remember Chris. At my peak performance, we took turns trailing and making sure that Sammy was always in the fall line and enjoying the sunny big blue sky that we all love so much.A life less ordinary, the feelings and tight bond that Chris and I shared about how we could team up and help others is my breakdown point. We reviled, we helped, we celebrated, we shared the wine, and we shared the times that make love and life the amazing life that it is. I will miss you, Chris, and I will do my best to care over your spirit in bringing a helping hand to the folks who want to experience the big blue sky, knowing that it is always better to give than to receive.Chris and I had a unique bond of skiing, brilliance about the great minds and how to make people think. In the morning ritual of coffee listening to morning radio, we were shocked to find out what a think tank really is. We explored our ideas about a think tank and discussed how our ideas would be shared with others. In memory of Chris, I embrace the responsibility to offer a place of thought, a think tank if you will: will be this medium where ideas of our friend Chris will always be and for offering the inspiration of new ideas. In memorializing Chris Bove, I hope to add a bench to Snowmass mountain.I recall at the end of the ski year 2004, one of the helicopter skis broke free from Sammy’s adaptive ski setup. I chased it down into a pond, where many onlookers were unaware of the situation, and the ankle biter that was heading their way. Luckily, the ski went into the man-made 35-foot lake that was made for the hot-shots to carve in, and all were safe.Sammy, I am coming to take you skiing! I love you, man, as I loved Chris.Alex ForsytheSnowmass Village

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