Remembering a life with happiness |

Remembering a life with happiness

(Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to Janelle Honer.)Dear Editor:I read the letter in The Aspen Times recently urging us, the citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley, to contact the courts regarding a request for a reduction in the sentence of the young lady who was driving the night your precious daughter was taken from this world (June 16).I want to continue to honor the shining light that is and always will be Josanna Morningstar Reece. Her beautiful poem shows an inspiring appreciation for simple pleasures and a gratitude rare to our times and her young age.”What a beautiful day!The glow … the smell …The good feelings of having so many beautiful friends the happiness … Oh what a beautiful day!”It gives credence to an affirmation I am fond of: See the beauty; feel the grace.Your suffering is clear. It must be close to impossible to separate the pain of your loss from feelings of rage and requital. Quite understandable under the circumstances.Nonetheless, Janelle, I would urge you to purge the bitterness from your heart. It obstructs the light, the shining light that is the life of Josanna.Someday it will be necessary for you to come to terms with the fact that it was a group decision and ultimately Josanna’s choice to get in that car.I wish you peace, Janelle, and you, Doug. I hope it comes to you sooner than later.Caroline Lewis AlberinoCarbondale

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