Remembering a great teacher |

Remembering a great teacher

Dear Editor:It was with great sadness that I read about the passing of Scott Edmondson. Along with Sue Gibbs, Scott was my 5th and 6th grade “ungraded” teacher in Aspen. Sue, Scott, Griff Smith, Mike Flynn, Mr. Simons, and Scott’s good friend George Birch (and many others in the School District) are without a doubt the greatest teachers in the world.I remember well Scott leading us on our “outdoor education” trips: making us do pushups in the freezing river in the morning, learning to tie knots, rappelling off the cliffs, exploring the canyon lands of Escalante and Lake Powell, and sleeping in snow caves on top of Aspen Mountain. Scott was always teaching us to be curious and adventurous. Scott had a reserved way about him, a gentle leader. It was a special time with an incredible group of people giving of themselves for the students.Over the years Scott would stop me in the street just to say “hi” and check in with me and how I was doing. Wow, what a blessing to have a teacher like Scott impacts one’s life! We have lost a great man who helped many and all of us who had the opportunity to be Scott’s student or friend can count ourselves extremely fortunate.Brian SpeckAspen High 1981

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