Remember: You can’t take it with you |

Remember: You can’t take it with you

Dear Editor:

While reading our local papers and seeing ads for various things for sale, a wave of nostalgia swept over me.

My first trip to Aspen was in March 1955, where I celebrated my 30th birthday! I stayed on the second floor of the Paragon building for $3 a night and slept in a homemade bunk bed! Lift tickets were less than $30 a week, a pitcher of beer at the Red Onion was 50 cents, and dinner at the Red Onion and Guido’s Swiss Inn was $1.50.

Gone are so many places and people like the Red Onion, Guido’s Swiss Inn, The Delice, Tom’s Market, Magnifico Liquers, Pinocchio’s Pizza, Howard and Jean Awrey at the Skier’s Chalet and Hannah and Peter Wirtz at the Sundeck. Breakfast at the Sundeck was less than $2! Wow, have things changed, but really not for the better in my mind.

Many people who were born in Aspen had to move downvalley or out of the valley due to the influx of wealthy people and their money. Aspen natives couldn’t afford multimillion-dollar homes and the high cost of living that now rules Aspen. There are still some working class people, but not like it used to be and before p-cards for city workers!

I don’t have any problem with wealthy people, as long as they earned their wealth honestly and don’t laud it over the working class that is less fortunate. Many of them are very generous when it comes to charities and other worthy causes, and I have had the good fortune to know a number of them.

During these difficult times, when millions of people have lost their jobs and homes and are having problems feeding their families, I don’t like to see things in the papers or on TV news that flaunt some people’s money! Have you seen the pictures of the limited edition watch that retails for $38,000? If you can afford one, do you wear the price tag so that people who see it know what you paid for it? Besides the bells and whistles, doesn’t it do the main function as the Timex on the wrist of the person cleaning your toilet ” tell time?

Have you seen the ad for membership in an exclusive ski club at Snowmass? $400,000 gives you a heated parking space, ski locker, on-site concierge and convenience to Fanny Hill. What a great bargain! My question is, is the parking space heated in the offseason and do they provide artificial snow in the summer on Fanny Hill?

Things are really getting more ridiculous every day upvalley in the Aspen area. With the worldwide economic crisis, no one can forecast what the future holds for all of us and our country. There is one thing for sure: You are born into this world with nothing and you leave it the same way ” with nothing!

Chris Tessem


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