Remember Sue Gray? |

Remember Sue Gray?

Dear Editor:Sue Gray is a woman who lives in the Roaring Fork Valley. She went to Iraq during the time this government went to war. She also stayed into the war in Iraq. She wrote letters to the editor about the evils of this government and how this government killed innocent civilians.She helped start and worked with the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition. She sold art work from people in Iraq, starving artists and their families. She told the truth about our invasion, she stood up for truth, honor, and did not compromise herself. She is a true patriot with courage, she spoke up.She was taunted mercilessly in our papers. It was sick. For every one letter/story she told our papers, 10 would attack her. This was when this government first started this war and most cowards/do-nothing, lazy people loved tearing her down and waving American flags (made from communist China.)She never gave up, she stood up even after getting verbally beat over and over. She was disliked in this small town. Her family was teased and they even had death threats against them.I’ve never met Sue. I called her once and thanked her for giving me the courage to stand up with her and against the powerhouse lies of evil.Very few people stood by Sue’s side then. Most TV-watching flag wavers wanted blood, regardless of the truth.And now we know the truth – Sue was right.Now we know what is really disgusting, don’t we?Depleted uranium. An umbrella of nuclear waste on all of Iraq. These soldiers have been tricked into killing others into freedom. It’s a shame that the boots and jackets they wear carry DU everywhere they go. This government will use the agent orange “need to research” time to figure out what could be wrong with “these naive boys” when they get back into this country, to delay treatment of the soldiers. They will die slowly in misery while you scrape your faded “support the troops” stickers fade off your SUV, before you trade it in.A nightmare. Where this government is building over 14 bases in and around the Middle East to move oil out, products and manufacturing in, and of coarse to protect Israel. And remember the bases in the United States are closing. And our borders are more than a welcome mat.You see, a lot of ignorant people love the United States fighting Muslims and “kicking their asses” – they saw our twin towers burning and wanted revenge.But did you know that it was our own government’s handlers that did 9-11 and sent a missile into the Pentagon?Just like the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and now 9-11, we have been had.Sue Gray may not agree with me, but she was always right.Cliff HughesGlenwood Springs