Remember in November |

Remember in November

Dear Editor:

President Obama blames the bad economy on the wealthy who are not paying their “fair” share of taxes, not on the 46 percent of the population who pay “no” taxes while receiving all kinds of benefits from those who do. Since when has it become a crime in America to become successful financially? Isn’t that the American Dream and what separates us from all other countries – individual freedom to succeed and to have the economic freedom to do so? Think of the thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs who have made this country the world leader it is!

Obama espouses economic equality, just like the socialists and communists have done before him. A failed economic theory that has never worked, in which the most productive are supposed to support the least productive. All under government-supervised outcomes that never are achieved. He wants the government to redistribute the earnings and wealth of our citizens based upon what bureaucrats in Washington think is fair through manipulation of the tax system.

Obama blames all of his woes on the other party, or the past president, and does not take responsibility for his own ineffectiveness as the leader he promised us he would be. His every action is to promote his re-election and the weakening of our country, while promoting the ideas of his past anti-American mentors.

William Cook