Remember Denver’s message |

Remember Denver’s message

Dear Editor:

Regarding the fact that John Denver wrote and sang “friends around the campfire and everybody’s high,” as well as the lyric “sit and pass the pipe around,” I have a novel suggestion. Let’s forget this bogus controversy and focus on the message that John delivered (“It’s ‘Rocky Mountain [expletive deleted], Colorado,'” Oct. 13).

There are more ways to get high than by smoking a weed. Look at John’s life as a whole and you’ll see that he was high on life itself. He was high on the joy of living and the earth’s beauty. He was high on the thrill of downhill skiing and riding a motorcycle and flying a glider and going into space. He was high on singing for people.

John was high on what people like Jacques Cousteau and Bucky Fuller and Princess Di were doing with their lives. He was high on what all the earth-keepers like Al Gore and Jean-Michel Cousteau and so many others are still doing to preserve and honor Mother Earth.

When all is said and done, the earth is our only means of survival in this physical world. I mean, can you name another planet in the solar system that gives us the very air we breathe and the food we eat and everything we use in our civilization, even pharmaceuticals for healing ourselves?

You’d think after 10 years of being on the Other Side that John would get the benefit of the doubt. How many of us, after we die, would want people to keep talking about the stupid things we did when we were young? By the time he left the Earth plane, John had learned a few things. (Read my book “Talks With John 1997-2007” if you want to know more.)

If we’re going to forget anything about John Denver, let’s forget the faults of the messenger, and let’s remember the message.



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