Reluctant councilmen

This letter is in support of Cliff Weiss and his signature petition to reconsider the entrance to Aspen controversy.

I wonder why Tony Hershey, Tom McCabe and Tim Simrau seem so reluctant to keep the issue open until we have a clearly written, definitive ballot question on which we can all vote, yes again, and finally settle the issue.

As an individual voter, I have the option of being as rigid and opinionated as I want. Public officials, on the other hand, have an absolute responsibility to consider every alternative, and to respect and deliberate all points of view, especially if many share it.

I am today, and have always been, opposed to what has become known as the “Straight Shot.” There is apparently a rush to get state highway department funding committed, even if, in the view of a huge number of voters, the funding is being requested for something we don’t want.

I live on Lone Pine Road, many blocks from the area that would be affected by the proposed alignment, and have lived in Aspen for thirty three years.

Betty Farson