Relocate bears before killing them |

Relocate bears before killing them

Dear Editor:

In a bear lineup of 270- to 330-pound bears, brown in color, all without tags and collars, could one really identify a culprit? Last night there was another bear in my yard, similar-looking to the boy the DOW euthanized. The night our bear was trapped, I wrote to a friend: “Our bear is docile in the cage. How else would he be, confined and waiting?”

I don’t want to sentimentalize the situation (his euthanization), or anthropomorphize that bear, but I’m still sick over his death. I still believe he should have been relocated. I know there are others roaming our neighborhood that look and act similar to the fellow the DOW put down. I know the men at the DOW are exhausted from long night hours and countless emergency calls. But please tag these bears and give them a second chance by relocating them in the wilderness away from Aspen, where they can forage for berries and such. I thank you in advance.

Karla Kuban on Cemetery Lane


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