Religious zealotry |

Religious zealotry

Dear Editor:After reading David Blazier’s letter to the editor, I was struck with his kinship to the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. This guy bashes “second-home owners” and lumps them into the “all alike category,” much like a preacher warning those not in their flock of their ultimate trip to hell. Here is a guy who seemingly only approves of those who think and act like him, because apparently he knows what is right and what is wrong and if we aren’t all like him and follow the same path, we are “idiots” or likened to Nazis.Call me a “sea crab” (consuming all in my path) but I happen to believe that many (not all) of those of wealth happen to have provided society with great accomplishments and services and that their wealth is a representation of their value. That is clearly not the only way to measure “value” – nor should it be – but it is one way. And a way people should be free to pursue. I am reasonably sure that every day Mr. Blazier enjoys the fruits of other people’s productive minds, and he pays them for those services. I am also reasonably sure that when he offers his services to society he expects to be paid for them and seeks to get as much as he can. The definition of liberal is generally one interested in individual rights and freedoms; by the sounds of his letter, Mr. Blazier is as conservative as they get – typically defined as “a supporter or advocate of traditional ideas and behavior.” He certainly doesn’t sound interested in individual rights or freedoms.There are 6 billion of us here and thank goodness we are all different. Hopefully there isn’t a one of us more narrow-minded and self-righteous than Mr. Blazier. Just like locals, there are good second-home owners and bad ones. Please, lighten up Mr. Blazier. Your rhetoric is incendiary and counterproductive and only exposes you as a mean-spirited conservative.Scott WriterOld Snowmass


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