Religion and government |

Religion and government

Dear Editor:The Ten Commandments were created by God. Religion was created by men. The Supreme Court justices themselves comprise the religion of the B.A.R., i.e. the British Accredited Registry, established first in Boston, prior to the Revolutionary War and Thomas Jefferson warned us against. Religion is “the existence of an established formal organization and procedure.” – Webster’s Dictionary, Third New International © 1909.Each American, each an independent sovereign, we declared, has the unalienable right to life, liberty … property, safety, privacy, etc.We each are a member of our government. We are a self-governing nation. Public servants who claim they are our government represent the totalitarian/socialist system we overcame in 1776.Without the Ten Commandments, there is no basis to the very existence of a judicial system. The reason for the existence of the judicial system are commandments six, eight, and nine. The blue coats in 1776 were those that fought for our Republic and later became Republicans. The red coats in 1776 were the totalitarian/socialists who became the Democrats.”Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” As true 2,500 years ago, fought for by George Washington steadfastly throughout the Revolutionary War, as it is today and will forever be. Christ, our nation’s Lord.It is my interpretation that both parties today at the top are joined together. And, that the B.A.R. controls all three branches of our governmental system. We must inform the people to stand up for themselves. We the people urgently need to reclaim our Lord.Margaret PullenAspen

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