Related offers Snowmass cash in lieu of Base Village community purpose

Jill Beathard
The Aspen Times

Related is offering the town of Snowmass Village $4.5 million in cash in lieu of constructing a community-purpose facility in Base Village.

The town could use the cash to build whatever community-purpose amenity it deems best, although outside of Base Village, says a letter from the developer. Related’s amended proposal would replace a pool planned for the core of Base Village with an events plaza and revert space offered for an ice-age discovery center to retail use.

The changes are in response to a chilly reception from the Planning Commission and the Town Council for the combination of the pool, which was seen by many as basically a hotel pool given its relocation next to the proposed Limelight Snowmass, and discovery center as the community purpose Related is required to provide as the Base Village developer.

Representatives of the company have met with town staff members over the past three weeks to develop the new proposal, which will go before the Snowmass Village Town Council on Monday. The cash amount represents the estimated $3.5 million cost for the aqua center as originally approved plus the $1 million value of the lot it would have been built on.

Related is proposing to make three equal payments on the amount, starting Dec. 31, 2017. If the town would require additional funding for its project, Related is offering to provide it in exchange for increased development on Lots 5 and 7 of Base Village.

Community purposes, as defined in the town’s land-use code, are benefits a developer can provide in exchange for council leniency on how much it can build on a site or on dimensional limitations. The code states that community-purpose amenities can be located within or outside of the project in question.

Traffic mitigation

Related also has begun evaluating alternative solutions for improving traffic flow through the intersection of Brush Creek, Wood and Kearns roads, something the Town Council determined was needed after a lengthy public discussion at its last meeting. Currently, the Base Village developer is required to build a roundabout there, but many residents see it as unnecessary and a threat to the Snowmass Resort Conoco gas station, which borders the intersection.

A report from town staff members notes that Related also should include alleviating congestion at Carriage Way and Wood Road, the intersection that residents and experts agree is the worst in the village, in its evaluation.

The Town Council meets at 4 p.m. Monday in the Town Hall council chambers.