Reject Roaring Fork Club |

Reject Roaring Fork Club

Dear Editor:On Tuesday, the Basalt Town Council will vote on the proposed Roaring Fork Club development, which is outside the urban growth boundary established by the community. There are two reasons that the council should vote “No” on this proposal.First, the most recent election was widely seen as a referendum on this development in particular and on the maintenance of small town character in general. The three candidates who explicitly supported the master plan and the urban growth boundary all won, and not by a little, but by a landslide. In short, despite the voices council might hear at meetings, a majority of Basalt – including many families and parents who can’t make it to meetings – supports upholding the master plan. A “No” vote would fairly represent the will of the community.Second, the development initially did not fit Basalt’s master plan. Partly in response to that concern, and admirably, the town revised the plan after soliciting community input. The result: The Roaring Fork Club development STILL doesn’t comply with the master plan. What more information do we need to reject this proposal?Auden SchendlerBasalt

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