Reject John Roberts |

Reject John Roberts

Dear Editor:John Roberts has been dodging question after question at his confirmation hearings. We know little about him but what he’s written in the past. The Bush regime has sealed the most critical documents – why, one has to wonder.Roberts’ writings reveal a man deeply committed to personal and political agendas that are not consistent with representing mainstream American values. As more continues to come out about his record, it is clearly evident that he holds a deep callousness toward women and other of our most vulnerable. He has demonstrated that he is more interested in changing laws than interpreting them – regardless of what he says in the hearings after being coached for months on what to say and how to say it. Roberts has a clever mind, to be sure. Smart and savvy, he is using his skills as a lawyer to avoid answering all of the questions that would expose his icy views on fairness and equal protection under the law. Placing a far-right judge with radical views in the position of chief justice is not in the best interest of this country. We need judges that will fairly represent and protect all the people of the United States without regard for race, sex, sexual preference, religion etc. John Roberts is clearly not that man. As an American who believes in moral fairness, equality, compassion, separation of church and state, individual privacy and freedom for Americans, I urge the Senate to reject John Roberts.Peter PlantecSnowmass Village

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