Gear Guide: REI’s tiny tent |

Gear Guide: REI’s tiny tent

by Stephen Regenold

Cats love it, chihuahuas tolerate it, and shoppers can’t get enough of it. The 2.25-square-foot namesake Tiny Tent might be the REI’s fastest-selling outdoors shelter ever.

It flew off shelves for three weeks this fall in REIs. After the Tiny Tent hit the store, the entire inventory of the 12-inch-tall tents sold out.

Not just that, but buyers’ reviews make the 9.5-ounce shelter one of the highest-rated as well.

The price tag is an affordable $20. Budget one for your pet, or a child to play with, and you’ll not be disappointed with the miniature fun.

Click here to read the full about the Tiny Tent.

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