Reinstate Basalt’s police chief |

Reinstate Basalt’s police chief

Dear Editor:

This letter is written to ask some questions related to the shameful treatment by the town of Basalt of its police chief, Roderick O’Connor. I have been reading the news articles trying to determine what the heck is going on in Basalt for what seems to be an unfair treatment of a dedicated employee. It appears that this situation is a character assassination of the police chief by some individuals on staff. It also seems to be a takeover attempt by those same employees and is a bit well timed in the fact that the town of Basalt is in a management void. Have the elected officials from the town of Basalt actually met with O’Connor to discuss these accusations? Has he had a chance to personally respond to any accusations? Nothing like this has been reported in any news article, so I am wondering about the “fair” process going on. Did you just dismiss him based on hearsay without any regard for his service or commitment to the town over the past five years? Behind closed doors, are you pressuring him to resign so that none of you elected officials have to address this serious issue to find the truth?

I do know O’Connor and have served beside him in a management position in a private organization. He is fair, kind and brilliant in his approaches and resolutions to issues that never became problems due to his leadership and direction. I cannot imagine anyone filing a complaint against him unless, of course, they have ulterior motives to slink into his position. I suggest you reinstate O’Connor and place the complainers on leave and see if the town is better served under that scenario.

In an editorial by The Aspen Times on Nov. 16, “the request for action to open the complaint for public scrutiny is a process that would serve Basalt better than what is currently going on.” I think that is very good advice.

Debbie Ottaviano


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