Register to vote on 1A |

Register to vote on 1A

Dear Editor:

In mid-October, Pitkin County voters will be asked to weigh in on Referendum 1A. A “yes” vote on 1A will enable the creation of the Energy Smart Loan Program, an innovative new program that will assist property owners in Pitkin County in financing renewable energy (like solar) and energy-efficiency improvements for their homes and businesses. This program will help our community save money on utility bills, stimulate our local economy, and protect our local environment.

However, this year’s election is mail-in only, so voters must update their voter registration to reflect their current address if they wish to cast a ballot. If you need to update your voter registration, or if you are not registered to vote, you can go to and click on the “2009 Election” link to check your registration status, change your address, register to vote, or even track your ballot once you mail it in! The last day to register is Oct. 5, so act soon!

Once your registration is up to date, you’ll be able to vote “yes” on 1A to help create a sustainable energy future by making Pitkin County Energy Smart. For more information on Referendum 1A, you can visit or call 300-7107.

Dylan Hoffman


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