Christopher Kosak arrested for allegedly trashing Aspen park

Staff report

Aspen police arrested a man Sunday on suspicion of trashing Rio Grande Park with paper plates and throwing soda cans at the field’s goal posts.

Police took Christopher Ignatius Kosak, 29, of parts unknown, into custody after 1 p.m. following a complaint from a woman who accused him of throwing paper plates in the park and spraying liquid onto his body, among other antics. She told police that Kosak was “trashing the park” and she felt “spooked” when she saw him “get nutty,” according to a police report.

Kosak did not resist arrest; in fact, he told authorities to arrest him because he was indeed littering, the report says.

“Arrest me, or I will cause a disturbance all day,” Kosak allegedly told police before walking away and throwing a full bottle of Coke down the field and ripping up some cardboard and strewing it throughout the park, police said. He was subsequently arrested.

Kosak did not appear to be intoxicated, police said.

In addition to littering, Kosak was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. He is scheduled to answer to the charges in Aspen Municipal Court at a later date.