Aspen sex assault suspect Peter Nardi arrested on alleged bond violation |

Aspen sex assault suspect Peter Nardi arrested on alleged bond violation

Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times

Aspen police arrested Peter Nardi on a warrant Wednesday for allegedly violating terms of his bail-bond conditions that are connected to a sexual assault charge.

Nardi, of Aspen, stands accused of sexually assaulting a woman on April 6 at her Aspen apartment. As part of bail-bond conditions and a protection order connected to the case, Nardi is forbidden from having contact with the alleged victim or consuming alcohol, among other provisions.

On Wednesday, Nardi’s 51st birthday, police arrested him in connection with a May 31 incident in which they suspect he was drinking alcohol at the J-Bar on Main Street. That means Nardi faces pending charges of violation of bail-bond conditions, which is a felony, along with a protection-order violation, which is a misdemeanor.

Police went to the J-Bar on the day in question because the woman he allegedly sexually assaulted told authorities that she had seem him there. The woman told police that a bartender asked her to leave the J-Bar because Nardi was there.

“I observed (the woman) was very upset and was crying, and she told me that she felt as though ‘They are trying to run me out of town,” Officer Dave Rosselot wrote in an arrest warrant application.

The woman said she had not seen Nardi at the bar but was informed of his presence by another patron of the tavern.

When officers were at the J-Bar that day, Nardi had left already. But interviews with a bartender revealed that Nardi had consumed two cocktails, which Nardi later denied in a phone conversation with Rosselot, according to Rosselot’s warrant application.

Nardi also refused to allow police officers to come to his home or take a breath sample, Rosselot wrote.

On Tuesday, District Judge Gail Nichols signed the warrant for Nardi’s arrest. He was booked and released Wednesday from Pitkin County Jail after posting $2,500 bond.

In interviews with both Aspen newspapers, Nardi has denied he committed sexual assaults

“These are only allegations, and I did nothing,” he told The Aspen Times in May.

The alleged victim, who once dated Nardi, claimed that he then took her captive, forced water down her throat, beat her, covered her with a pillow, shoved his underwear down her throat, sexually assaulted her and threatened to kill her if she called the police.