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Regional briefs

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MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK, Colo. – Mesa Verde National Park is waiving its entrance fees through March 3.

Park Superintendent Cliff Spencer said Wednesday he’s waiving fees to start the year because he wants to encourage visitors to come at a time when the park generally isn’t as busy.

Private vehicles typically pay $10 to $15 to enter the park, with the fee good for seven


Mesa Verde also is among national parks that plan to waive entrance fees April 21-29 for National Park Week; June 9 for Get Outdoors Day; Sept. 29 for National Public Lands Day; and Nov. 10-12 for Veterans Day weekend.

COLORADO SPRINGS – A passenger jet headed from Houston to western Colorado landed in Colorado Springs after a smoke alarm went off in the baggage compartment.

Thirty-three people, including pilots and crew, were on board Continental Express Flight 4461 bound for Grand Junction on Wednesday. It landed just after 10 a.m.

The flight was operated by Express Jet Airlines. Company spokesman Jarek Beem said firefighters inspected the plane and found no sign of a fire.

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