Refresh your driving skills |

Refresh your driving skills

Dear Editor:I would like to write what should be a simple “Thank You,” but I can’t. I am starting out this letter to say thank you to all those drivers on Thursday morning that were driving with their headlights on and at a reasonable speed. And now to change the tone of this letter.I would like to point out that Knupp, Inc. of Rifle has a semi truck driver who does not think that speed is an issue. If you are late to work, driving over the speed limit in inclement weather, I would suggest you get a check of your driving skills. I do not want to get in an accident or die because you and your 2-ton vehicle are flying past me on Highway 82 at approximately 8 a.m.I would also like to make a point to all those drivers who did not have their headlights turned on. Those headlights are not for your convenience in bad weather. If it is raining, foggy or snowing, those headlights enable other drivers to see YOU! Please take one or two seconds to turn your lights on when you get into your vehicle. This is especially important if you have a vehicle color that can “disappear” when the visibility is down. This is also important for dump trucks like the one from Earthworks, Inc. that did not have its headlights turned on. I witnessed a white vehicle narrowly miss being hit by another car because even I could not see it turning onto the road.I know that many of us have been driving for many years, but there are quite a few months between summer and winter. Please refresh your driving skills and be aware of those that may not have the same level that you have achieved.S. DonajkowskiCarbondale

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