Reflecting on police chief’s exit

Dear Editor:

Well, friends, associates and supporters of Basalt Police Chief Roderick O’Connor, your noble, eloquent expressiveness and your clear thinking herald a new Basalt era as one door closes while another one opens with many unknowns in play (“Basalt police chief resigns ‘voluntarily,'” The Aspen Times, Nov. 27; “Chief of police in Basalt resigns after suspension,” Aspen Daily News, Nov. 27).

The hit on O’Connor and the submission of the Basalt citizens’ petition favoring O’Connor should create a new cohesive political Basalt bloc with outside supporters. Its doings should be felt for a longer time than expected in Basalt, Eagle County and Pitkin County. It should be much harder than usual for political imps to undermine or atomize this new Basalt voting bloc.

Excellent play set in motion by Kelley Burke and the rest of the decent people of Basalt. Do remember that if your opponents or your detractors cannot stand the heat, then they should stay out of the kitchen.

The Basalt Town Council and Democratic and Republican party leaders in Eagle County and Pitkin County will need to kowtow to the Basalt O’Connor voting bloc. This crystallizing voting bloc is more than a state of mind; now it’s beyond fantasy! It is Basalt citizenry created and led. Nothing is artificial or suspect about it.

O’Connor supporters across America and the Basalt O’Connor voting bloc are: “vox populi, vox Dei.”

Get my message. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, Calif., and Aspen