Ref. 2A will power the economy |

Ref. 2A will power the economy

Dear Editor:

There are several things that we can do as a community to reaffirm our commitment to tourism as our economic centerpiece. However, there are few options that can produce such direct and positive punch as Referendum 2A.

Voting yes for 2A (a 1 percent increase to our existing lodging tax) produces an extra “umph” to our marketing and promotion reach – connecting at a broader and deeper level with an increasingly sophisticated (and finicky) customer base. In the economic conditions of today (and the foreseeable future) our resort community can immediately benefit from this essential boost of marketing power.

Of course, this added boost requires seasoned steering and leadership. Enter ACRA – a cross section and blend of experience, community wisdom, creativity, and a humble respect for the Aspen “race tack.” We have a good team and a great opportunity here.

So please help in paving the way toward a stronger, more stable tourist-based economy. Please join me in voting “yes” for 2A.

Dawn Romero


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